The Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa is the oldest of the Cluniac foundations of Sebino: founded in 1083 by the Benedictine monks who arrived from Cluny over an ancient pagan temple, it remained in their hands for four centuries, during which it was enlarged and embellished.

It was then requisitioned by the Republic of Venice who put it up for auction by selling it to an aristocratic family in the area. Only in 1983 the private owners ceded it to the Municipality, which gives the usufruct to the citizens of Provaglio d’Iseo.

A crowfounding operation initiated by the citizens themselves allowed the monastery and its beautiful sixteenth-century frescoes to be restored, bringing it back to its original appearance

Today the Monastery is home to cultural and musical events and is managed by a special foundation. Link:   Fondazione San Pietro in Lamosa