The Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola is one of the most impressive monastic complexes in Italy, of the highest artistic value, located in Rodengo Saiano in Franciacorta.

The Abbey was founded in 1090 by the Cluniacs, and then passed in 1446 to the Olivetan monks, who enriched it with precious works by the major Brescian artists – Moretto, Romanino, Gambara, Cossali, Ferramola.
Among the buildings open to the public, the Renaissance church with the altarpiece by Moretto, the three cloisters, built in different periods from the fifteenth to the end of the sixteenth century, the guesthouse refectory with frescoes by Romanino, the monumental gallery and the museum of sacred objects. Art lovers cannot miss a visit to the antirefettorio, where there are frescoes by Lattanzio Gambara, another important artistic exponent from Brescia.
The advent of Napoleon marked the suppression of the monastery in 1797, which was transformed into a farm and devastated by frequent military occupations.
The return of the Olivetans to their Abbey took place in 1969 by the will of Pope Paul VI.

Today in the Monastery of the Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola live nine Olivetan Benedictine monks who support themselves with the work of their hands according to the motto “ora et labora”. Among the preparations found in the Abbey shop are beer, honey, herbal teas and soaps.

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