The Tavern offers traditional but at the same time innovative cuisine. The dishes are inspired by the gastronomic culture of Sebino revisited in a modern way, with particular attention to the territory.


Born in Iseo in 1989, Daniel Gallizioli grew up with a deep passion for his land and its lake.

His family, which has always been rooted in the lake territory, transmits to him the values ​​of the earth and nature, thanks also to the maternal farm, a Licinsì called “Cavoncello”, where he perceives for the first time the flavors of his land and its depth, transmitted to the customers of that popular tavern where her grandmother Amabile cooked local products.

Growing up Daniel comes very close to culture, in the broadest sense of the term also thanks to that depth touched as a child and working part time in catering, he studies modern literature in Milan and after graduating he decides to travel also to fully understand the path to follow. .
Daniel moves to Australia where he lives in Melbourne and Brisbane where he works continuously in important metropolitan restaurants. After a year he has the opportunity to return to Italy, to Brescia, where chef Alfonso Vitelli gives him the opportunity to work continuously at Areadocks.

After 3 important years of growth, the desire to approach a high-level restaurant grows and the opportunity presents itself in Concesio al Miramonti l’Altro with chef Philippe Léveillé and the Piscini family.

In the restaurant with 2 Michelin stars, Daniel spends a year which allows him to understand the quality of the details and service in a high-level historic kitchen also thanks to the help of sous chef Arianna Gatti and chef Martina Spera. After a year the desire to express oneself in total autonomy grows and after quick collaborations at the Hostaria Uva Rara and Da Nadia, the possibility is realized just a few meters from the house where he grew up: at the Ai Nidrì Tavern, which opens under his management from August 2020.

A historic place for the Isean society that housed a farm, which looking at it closely resembles that Licinsì in which Daniel grew up, helping his grandmother.

Here Daniel has created an identity Tavern, which tries to rediscover ancient flavors, expressing them today in a not nostalgic but critical way, using modern and current techniques. Creating culture and knowledge is the first ambition of this place that wants to convey the excellence of that land that has the highest quality, it is enough to know how to recognize and understand it.


Our wine shop was born from the desire to offer customers the opportunity to get to know the wine excellences of our land and in particular of Franciacorta.

With our 500 labels we offer high-level wines, including niche and out of stock, also available for takeaway purchase.

An ancient place where, also thanks to the organization of aperitifs and themed evenings, it is possible to perceive and discuss the enormous heritage of Franciacorta and wine in general.


Information and booking: (+39) 329 8971042